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ASOS Men's Review & Wish List (2022)

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links, which simply means I will earn a small commission if you choose to purchase via the links provided, at no additional cost to you.

I am excited to write about a clothing company that has made such a positive impact on my life at a crucial time. I also believe they have made a positive impact on the lives of millions of other young people around the world. That company is called ASOS, an online fashion retailer based in London, England. In this article, I will give my full review on ASOS men’s fashion collection. 

Table of Contents

About ASOS

ASOS is the largest online fashion retailer in the world. According to their website, their primary market is young people in their 20s. The abbreviation ASOS initially stood for “As Seen on Screen”. The founders Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson (who is still the CEO) wanted to start a clothing brand that sells clothes and accessories which celebrities were seen wearing.

Although Quentin and Nick came up with the idea of ASOS in 1999, the company did not launch until June 3, 2000. Today, ASOS sells over 850 brands, both large and small, including their own brand ASOS DESIGN. Based in London, England, they ship to almost every country around the world.

ASOS Experience

I first discovered ASOS men’s clothing back in 2017. At the time, I was half-way through college. I mention this because around this time, I was well into a new chapter in my personal life. This new chapter consists of new friends, a new environment away from home, new experience, and an overall new perspective on life. Also, since I was half-way through college, I began to start thinking about my future after graduation.

Most importantly, my college life chapter is where my sense of style and wardrobe begins to mold and mature. ASOS is the fashion brand to help solidify my new sense of style. Although my fashion style began in high school, a time where all I could do is look at clothes online because I could not afford to buy most of what I like. In fact, in high school, I would browse online and shop at stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters, to name a few. However, ASOS solidified my look because they have the same styles as H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. ASOS expands on these brand’s styles, giving me more options to get creative when deciding what to wear.


Evaluating where I currently shop is how I was able to appreciate ASOS. They sell everything I would look for in other clothing stores I shop at, plus more. In fact, after seeing what ASOS has to offer, my optimism and confidence began to grow.

Why optimism and confidence? Well, I was optimistic that I finally found a clothing store that could help shape and solidify my fashion style. A style that is unique to me that I could be proud of and confident in expressing. As weird as it may sound, I struggled with this for a long time.

As a teen, I could not afford all of the clothes I saw online or in a store and wanted to own. Either I did not have a job at all, or keep a job long enough to truly invest in my ideal closet. As a result, I had to carefully plan when I did have money to buy clothes. When thinking about what few clothes to buy, I would consider quality, look, and price. This is why my go-to stores at the time include H&M, Forever 21, and PacSun. They sell clothes that are trendy, but also basic and affordable. This allowed me to buy clothes that look good and prolong ownership for as long as possible. However, ASOS came in and changed the game for me.

Diversity & Inclusion

One reason why I love ASOS is that they are all about young people. They sell all types of clothing and accessories for all types of young adults. It does not matter if you are short, tall, skinny, heavy, or identify as LGBTQ, ASOS has something for everybody. Also, they sell all types of preppy, casual, business, and other trendy looks.

What specifically attracted me to ASOS was the diversity of their models throughout their website. All of the ASOS models represent all types of people. Many of them are not your typical ‘industry standard’ looking models. All ASOS models come from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Also, they all have different physical shapes and sizes.

By having a diverse pool of models wearing their clothes, ASOS easily achieves its goal of representing their target market, ALL types of young people. As a college graduate with a major in Business, this is a good marketing tactic. In fact, I wish all clothing brands adopt this type of marketing.

Seeing the diversity in ASOS’ models inspires me to take my modeling pursuits more seriously. Despite not having an ‘industry standard’ look, ASOS proves that you do not have to look a certain way to make it in the fashion industry. I was even surprised to learn on ASOS corporate website that they have a Model Welfare Policy. This policy helps support and protect the model’s physical and mental well-being. I wish I could travel to the United Kingdom and model in ASOS men’s clothing one day.

Shopping Experience

Since discovering ASOS men’s clothing, I purchase a variety of shirts, pants, suit separates, jackets, and shoes. Although ASOS sells so many brands, the majority of what I own is from their own brand ASOS DESIGN. In fact, I prefer ASOS DESIGN items because they are just as stylish, comfortable, and of good quality as other brands. Also, ASOS DESIGN items are more affordable than the other brands they sell.


To be honest, the quality of products sold on ASOS can vary. My best quality example is the ‘River Island Tall Suede Chelsea Boots in Black’. These boots are one of my very first ASOS purchases in 2017. Although these are not ASOS DESIGN boots, I still own and wear them today. The quality is still intact, I only have to do a simple wipe down to maintain them. This proves that no matter the brand, ASOS does sell quality products. However, customers do have to pay attention to things like design and material. Also, take advantage of their free returns if you are unsatisfied with the quality of your purchase.

On the other hand, I have purchased ASOS shirts and pants that did not last as long as the River Island Chelsea Boots. After about a year or so, plus a few laundry cycles, some items did shrink, fade, or simply wear out. Some people I know have also experienced the declining quality of ASOS products within six months to a year. However, others have received poor quality items upon arrival.

An issue I often have is having to exchange their clothes because they were either too big or too small. This is usually a common issue with shopping online. However, I tend to make this mistake often when shopping online at European stores because I forget that European sizes fit differently than American sizes.


Another aspect of ASOS I like is the discounts they provide. ASOS is always providing some type of discount. In fact, ASOS’s most consistent discount is their 10% off student discount. Their target market is young people who are most likely students. Their student discount has always come in the clutch while I was in college.

If not through ASOS directly, they also provide their 10% off student discount through a service called Uniday’s. This service offers discounts for a variety of retailers exclusively for college students. However, students have to verify that they are currently in school to use Uniday’s service.

Shipping & Returns

ASOS shipping service is fast, cheap, and sometimes free. For an online retailer that sells over 850 brands to all 196 countries, ASOS shipping is usually swift and reliable. Currently, I subscribe to their Premium Delivery service. For only $12 for an entire year, I get unlimited two-day shipping with no minimum order value.

Also, ASOS offers free returns for all of its products purchased within 45 days. This return window is longer than many other clothing stores. If customers request to return something within 28 days, ASOS gives them a full refund. However, customers making return requests after 28 days up until 45 days will receive a gift voucher.

Final Thoughts

My only advice for ASOS, out of concern, is to never lose sight of quality products and customer service. I say this because as ASOS continues to grow since my first purchase from them, the number of complaints I read or hear about is growing. A lot of the complaints range from poor quality products to shipping issues. One of my best friends had a shipping issue where they never received their ASOS order at all. They should have received a full refund. However, ASOS customer service refused to give it to them.

Aside from the issues mentioned above, I still support ASOS and what they stand for. To me, they are still a reliable source of a wide variety of trendy and affordable clothes. Their emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility will always stand out to me.

A few times per year, I update my wish list on to save what I come across and would soon want. I have decided to share my wish list below this article for you to check out. The ultimate goal for my wish list below is to provide an alternative to searching through thousands of products on their website. I only display ASOS products that are actually on my wish list. These are products I like, would like to own, and recommend you check out.

I hope you enjoyed this review and hope you can find some inspiration in ASOS as I did. Again, they have something for everybody. Leave a comment below my ASOS Wish List or send me a message with any thoughts or questions you have.

ASOS Men's Wish List

Thank you for checking out my official wish list for online fashion retailer ASOS. This curated collection features all ASOS Men’s clothes I would like to own and recommend to you. Instead of spending hours searching through ASOS’s massive collection on their website, consider searching through my wish list for my suggestions on what to buy.

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links. This just means I will earn a small commission if you choose to purchase any of ASOS men’s clothing featured below via the links provided. Do not worry, there is no additional cost to you. Please read my full Affiliate Disclosure for more details.

ASOS Men's Gear:

Pictures Coming Soon


ASOS sells thousands of uniquely designed shirts for men. Designs include basic, name brand, popular culture, and more. No matter what the vibe is, there is a shirt for any occasion. If you need a shirt for your next party, brunch, interview, or just to have, ASOS has your back. Their shirt collection includes short and long sleeve T-Shirts and button-up shirts. Check out the ASOS men’s shirts I recommend below.


ASOS’s large collection of t-shirts is what attracted me to them. As stated above, they have a t-shirt in every possible design for every possible occasion. Unfortunately, they sell thousands of t-shirts. This makes it impossible for me to feel confident enough in my decision without feeling like I’m missing out on other styles. My collection below features shirts I come across during my search that keep my attention.

Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

I look forward to wearing short-sleeve button-up shirts in the late Spring and Summer seasons. These shirts are great for the beach, brunch, or a semi-casual occasion. Specifically, I love a good vertical stripe button-up t-shirt more than a standard t-shirt. To me, they balance semi-formal and casual better.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Normally, I do not pay too much attention to long-sleeve shirts. In most cases, I feel that t-shirts worn with a hoodie or coat are enough. However, if a long-sleeve shirt catches my attention, I may consider buying it. The design of the shirt is what will determine if I want to buy it or not. My collection below features long-sleeve shirts I am considering.

Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

ASOS’s long-sleeve button-up shirts are another collection I like to browse through. They have hundreds of uniquely styled options for any occasion. Also, this collection includes great alternatives to their short-sleeve collection. For example, their long-sleeve vertical stripe shirts are just as good as the short-sleeve. Not to mention, they have so many options for work and casual shirts in various fits.


Unless you live near the equator, you are going to live with some level of cold weather. Lucky for you, ASOS has outerwear for all levels of cold weather. Also, their collection has outerwear for any occasion. Below are all of my suggestions for ASOS men’s outerwear.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

One thing about me is I love both a good basic hoodie and a well-designed one. In fact, my love for streetwear fashion includes graphic sweatshirts. Check out my suggestions for the best looking ASOS men’s hoodies and sweatshirts available to purchase now.

Cardigans & Sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters are a great addition to formal and workwear. ASOS has plenty of good pieces in their collection. Check out my suggestions below that are available to purchase now.

Jackets & Coats

Readers that live in parts of the world that get cold can benefit from this collection. ASOS is actually one of the first men’s clothing brands I shop at to sell a variety of jackets and coats at decent prices. Their collection includes various styles of jackets and coats, including bomber jackets, puffer jackets, denim jackets, overcoats, parkas, and more.

I’m from New Jersey and it does get cold here. As a result, I am always looking for some quality jackets for fall nights and a coat for the brutal winter. I’m actually long overdue for a new one. Check out my collection of ASOS men’s jackets and coats that caught my attention below.


This may sound funny, but when I check out a new clothing brand, if they sell them, the first place I go to is their pants collection. I do not know why I check out a store’s pants collection first to determine if they are worth continuing to check out. It may be because I lowkey always feel like I never have enough pants. Either way, I would look for if they sell my style of pants, judge how they look, and consider their prices. My go-to style pants are skinny and slim.

When I first discovered ASOS, the first collection I went to be the Jeans. Next are their Joggers and Sweatpants. Finally, is their dress pants and chinos collections. For the most part, I like what I saw and proceed to the shirts. Check out my wish list collections for all of ASOS men’s pants, in the order in which I viewed them for the very first time.

Jeans & Casual Pants

The very first ASOS men’s collection I went to is their jeans. I like what I saw, they had a lot of skinny jeans at the time. However, many jeans look like what I could easily get to a physical store. Also, now ASOS jeans collection includes more baggy jeans. Although, ASOS does have some good pairs of my style of jeans that I do like and did add to my wish list.

Joggers & Sweatpants

ASOS men’s joggers and sweatpants collection stands out to me. They do have a variety of looks from different brands. However, their ASOS DESIGN joggers and sweatpants are my absolute favorite. First, they are the most affordable in the collection. Second, they look just as good as the name brand joggers and sweatpants in the same collection. One of my early ASOS purchases is two ASOS DESIGN skinny joggers and I still own them today.

Dress Pants & Chinos

ASOS’s men’s chinos pants are still one of my go-to pants for many professional events. Despite them being borderline casual, you can still look formal in them. I did own a pair of dress pants from ASOS DESIGN before. It did last for a couple of years. Check out my wish list for ASOS men’s dress pants and chinos. I do intend on purchasing more soon.


I do not know why, but I struggle with finding a good pair of shorts. Below are some shorts from ASOS that did catch my attention. I recommend them to you in case you like what you see.

Coming Soon in Spring 2021


The most important part of a person’s look is what they are wearing on their feet. If your shoes are not on point, it throws off the entire outfit. Thankfully, ASOS has a good shoe collection. So far, I own two pairs of shoes and I am enjoying them. In fact, I still own my very first pair of shoes from ASOS, purchased in 2017.


My very first pair of boots from ASOS is the River Island Tall Suede Chelsea Boots in Black. I purchased these boots back in 2017. One year later, I purchase ASOS Chelsea Boots in Brown Suede. To this day, I still own both of these boots. ASOS sells high-quality boots that look good. Also, they come in a variety of styles, such as Chelsea, lace-up, and more. I hope you will like the boots I added to my wish list below.

Dress Shoes

Normally, I can find a decent pair of dress shoes at a physical store. However, I really like the ASOS loafer’s collection. A few pairs of them have made it on my wish list.

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