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Deception Toronto Review & Wish List (2022)

Tyler Jurelle enjoying the park in his Cesar Military Cargo Jeans by Deception Toronto.
Male Model, Writer and Entrepreneur Tyler Jurelle wearing Deception Toronto's Adrian Plaid Script Tee and Cesar Military Cargo Jeans. Photographer: Aaron Robinson from C1Photography (

Many of the streetwear brands I come across are usually based in Europe. From the United Kingdom to France, Germany, Italy, even Belgium, and Switzerland, to name a few. However, there are plenty of streetwear brands for men all over the world. One rising streetwear brand not based in Europe I came across is called Deception Toronto. Given by its name, they are based in Toronto, Canada.

About Deception

Deception Toronto is a rising men’s streetwear brand based in Toronto, Canada. Launched in 2017, it was founded by a former professional hockey player name Matia Marcantuoni. According to an article published by HOLR Magazine, Matia’s goal is to bring the United Kingdom fashion to Canada.

Deception sells a variety of streetwear apparel for men. Their collection includes t-shirts, jeans, trousers, cargo, and track pants. With the exception of their cargo pants, their pants and jeans run skinny. Also, a lot of their shirts have an oversized fit.

Deception Experience

I first discovered Deception Toronto on Instagram during the summer of 2019. A picture of their Miami Plaid Trousers popped up on my Explore Page. Instantly grabbing my attention, I visit their Instagram page and then their official website. I was impressed with Deception’s collection and prioritize them for my fall/winter wardrobe.

First Purchase

By September of 2019, I make my first purchase with Deception. I ordered the ‘Miami Plaid Trousers’ with the Silvio Plaid Tee’. The Miami Plaid Trousers does fit slightly tighter than expected. However, they are still comfortable, stretch well, and look good. 

The Adrian Plaid Script Tee, on the other hand, fits fine in my chest and arm area. However, I was not expecting the rest of the shirt to have a longline fit. Once I tried on the shirt and realized this, I did not mind at all. I still like the shirt and it still looks good on me.


Unfortunately, I did have to deal with some minor issues with shipping. I had to wait for about two weeks for my order. While waiting for my order, first, I did not receive a confirmation email. I also did not with any tracking information. Finally, I never received any order updates.

My concern was growing because days were going by and I had no idea of the status of my order. My increase in concern started to turn into impatience. As a result, I email them for help. Usually, I don’t like sending emails because I expect a fast response every time.

Thankfully, Deception responds to emails pretty quickly and they are helpful. According to them, there were issues with customs between the United States and Canada holding up my order. For the inconvenience, they gave me a nice discount for my next order.

Future Purchases

Despite issues with my first order, I continue to shop at Deception. They keep adding great clothing items to their collection I want to add to my wardrobe. By 2020, I purchased their ‘Cesar Military Cargo Jeans’. Despite still not receiving any shipping updates, no issues came up and the pants delivered within a week.

I did try to include their ‘Dante Cargo Jeans’ and the ‘Adrian Plaid Script Tee’ with my next order. Unfortunately, they were sold out at the time. As long as they do not sell out again by the time I’m ready, I still plan on buying these pieces. I am also keeping a close eye on more pieces such as the ‘Hugo Paint Denim’ and the ‘Cruz Plaid Trousers’.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like Deception Toronto’s collection. Their clothes style certainly matches mine. They have a unique pants collection that not only looks good but also feels good when wearing them. Their shirts are typically minimal and basic. However, it is completely fine with me because I personally like these types of shirts. Besides, they complement the overall urban contemporary look Deception goes for.

My only critique for Deception is to improve their communication with customers on order updates. Ordering online certainly comes with its pros and cons. Also, people expect swift delivery in a timely manner. If something is wrong, it is important that customers are aware of what is going on.

Aside from this minor issue, I certainly plan continuing to support Deception. To show my support, my official Deception Toronto Wish List is now available below. It features all of the latest Deception clothing items I am highly considering to buy. It also features photos of myself from my Portfolio in Deception gear I already own. Also, leave a comment below my Deception Toronto Wish List with your thoughts or send me a message.

Deception Toronto Wish List

Thank you for checking out my official wish list for men’s streetwear brand Deception Toronto. I created and update this wish list via the social media platform Pinterest. This board features all Deception clothes I personally would like to own and recommend to you. Also in this Pinterest board are pictures of looks with Deception apparel I come across.

To be clear, I am not an official affiliate or brand ambassador of Deception Toronto. I will not receive any commission for any purchases made via these Pinterest links. This section is included simply because I personally support Deception Toronto’s brand. I want to showcase what they have to offer for anyone looking to add or revamp their style. 

Deception Gear:

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