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NVLTY London Review & Wish List (2022)

A men’s streetwear brand to grab and keep my attention is called NVLTY London. NVLTY is one of many streetwear brands for men I came across on Instagram in 2018. Despite not making my first purchase right away, keeping NVLTY on my radar turned out to be a great decision. 

In this article, I will review my overall experience with NVLTY London. At the end of my review is my ‘Wish List’, which is simply a collection of NVLTY products I like and recommend. Included in my ‘Wish List’ are a collection of photos from my modeling portfolio wearing NVLTY gear I already own.


NVLTY London is an urban streetwear clothing brand for men. According to a written interview by Guap, NVLTY (‘Novelty’ without the vowels) was founded in 2014 in London, England. It’s owners Jonah Smith and Jacob Hungo started NVLTY with just Instagram, a blog, and literally only two shirts. Within three months, their blog gained over 10,000 followers, which helped establish NVLTY as a brand and kick off their success.

Now NVLTY London is a growing and thriving streetwear brand. They have become more popular around the world. Thanks to their hard work and power of social media, they now have over 100,000 followers on Instagram. They also sell their products all over the world. NVLTY sells tracksuits, shorts, jeans, cargo pants, and plaid flannel long-sleeved shirts worldwide. They also sell name-brand accessories such as bags, hats, socks, and even glasses.

NVLTY London Experience

Before I get into my experience with the streetwear brand NVLTY, I have to express my appreciation to the founders. I was excited to learn that the founders, Jonah and Jacob, are Black. This fact obviously classifies NVLTY London as a black-owned business. As a fellow Black man myself, I believe it is my moral obligation to support my fellow Black brothers and sisters as much as I possibly can.

Jonah and Jacob have worked really hard to grow their business into what it is today. I admire these guys’ hard work that is now paying off. I love and prefer streetwear as the basis for my own sense of style. However, it is sometimes discouraging that not many successful streetwear brands today are owned by people who look like me.

NVLTY London already had my support because they have and maintain a really good quality collection. The very first NVLTY product I saw and liked was their Biker Cargo Pants. While waiting to be able to purchase them (poor people’s problems), their new releases during the wait only increased both my appreciation and eagerness to buy. Upon learning that the founders are Black, it all makes sense to me. Here are two guys who look like me and are most likely into some of the same things are me. They are making clothes that I and other men like me are into and want to wear.

First NVLTY London Purchases

As stated earlier, I first discover NVLTY London in 2018 when their Biker Cargos appears on my Instagram Explore Page. These pants come in black, beige, olive, and grey. They cost about 55 British pounds, which is about 68 United States dollars.

I have been eyeing these pants with hopes of one day purchasing them for a long time. I really like how they look on the model. Unfortunately, for a while, I have not been able to purchase these pants. They would always sell out when I was ready to purchase. When they were available, then I could not afford to purchase them.

By March 2019, I finally made my first NVLTY London purchase. However, instead of purchasing the biker cargo pants, I purchase their Mid Blue Destroyed Zip Jeans. Shipping did take a pretty long time. I had to wait for over two weeks for my jeans to arrive. Upon arriving, I tried them on and they fit a little too big for my correct size.

Although NVLTY suggests on their website to stick to my correct size, the jeans still fit a little bigger than expected. I was kind of surprised by this because normally, European clothes run small. However, I did not want to exchange the jeans. I already waited a long time for them to arrive. I did not have any more patience to wait for a replacement pair.

After washing and drying these jeans on purpose a few times, they failed to shrink. After a while, I simply give up and pass them on to one of my best friends. Ironically, the jeans fit him perfectly and he really enjoys wearing them.

Future NVLTY Purchases

Despite having an okay first experience, later experiences were great. A few weeks later, I finally purchase the Biker Cargos in Beige. I also purchased two pairs of track pants. Called the Panelled Track Pants, they come in a variety of color schemes. I purchased both the Black/White and Gray/White pairs.

All three items arrived within a week of placing my order. To complement their fast arrival, all three items fit as expected. I especially love the Panelled Track Pants, from the quality in material to how they fit. I wear them just as much as I wear Adidas Tiro soccer pants.

Final Thoughts

Despite issues with my first purchase, I am still pleased to have discovered NVLTY London. If anything, my second purchase made up for the issues with my first. In fact, since my first two purchases, they have added so many interesting items to their collection I want to own.

Speaking of wanting to own, my NVLTY London Wish List is officially available below. Check it out to see their products I recommend purchasing. Also featured are photos from my official modeling portfolio of NVLTY London gear I own. Finally, leave a comment below my NVLTY Wish List or send me a message with your thoughts.

In the meantime, I wish founders Jonah and Jacob much success. I hope the continue to do great things with their business. As long they continue to release quality products, NVLTY will always have my support. Hopefully, one day I can travel to London and work with them for their next great product launch.

N V L T Y London Wish List

Thank you for checking out my official wish list for men’s streetwear brand NVLTY London. I created and update this wish list via the social media platform Pinterest. This board features all NVLTY London clothes I personally would like to own and recommend to you. Also featured here are photos of me from my portfolio wearing NVLTY gear I already own.

To be clear, I am not an official affiliate or brand ambassador of NVLTY London. This just means I will not receive any compensation for any purchases made via these Pinterest links. This section is included simply because I personally support NVLTY London’s brand. I want to showcase what they have to offer for anyone looking to add or revamp their style. 


Pictures Coming Soon

12 Responses

  1. Don’t buy from this site, they take your money you never receive the goods and they never reply to emails etc.

      1. Hello, it is all sorted now thank goodness. After two weeks plus of waiting I eventually heard from them yesterday.

  2. I returned jeans which my son loved 2 weeks ago asking to exchange them for a smaller size. I have tried to contact them 4 times by email and facebook messenger but they never reply. I worry that my money and now my jeans have gone too! Any ideas on other ways to contact them?

  3. Thank you – I will as really want the jeans that I have already paid for! The original pair that arrived were great – just too large so I really want to keep my faith in this Company. They do need to improve their response time though as has been over 2 weeks now!

  4. RUN AWAY ! You will not receive any orders or responses
    Worst shopping experience of my life!
    As other reviews say, they do not ship orders and NEVER respond to the message.
    I did the experiment twice, twice the same problem.
    This site is a scam with no customer service, just thieves so save your money

  5. Haaaaay Wagwan Spar !!! – Wappen to my complaint and claim ????. Bought a zipper 8mths ago – due to poor ‘chinese’ material the seam on the sleeves started to come undone. Since then I have been sending emails and letters to both the ‘ Birmingham’ postcode and the Convent Garden address for some kind of authorisation to return the faulty item..
    Its now 8mths on and still no response whatsoever.- I have now discovered that their posh address in Convent Garden doesn’t exist – its just a mailing address used by 500 other companies and on top of that their handy little tel number to call if you have a problem also doesn’t exist as its owned by Klarna Bank who were very pissed off with all the disgruntled NVLTY punters that are calling their number every day.
    Come on guys play fair – youv’e got youselves a nice little earner here but the process of returning goods with you is a real ballbreaker with absolutely no effective ways to contact and the only phone number – much like your prestigous address isnt even yours and for all we know your still running the business out of your bedroom ?

    Regards – Sam Edwards

  6. This company does everything possible to avoid contact and tries to create a false illusion of prestigous brand with a great after sales team to deal with complaints and refunds.
    1. They have NO premises Shelton St Convent Garden
    2. They have NO contact tel number as the only number they give is another company altogether.
    3. They intentionally avoid contact so that your claim for faulty goods will be over the limit timewise.

    Avoid at all costs


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